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Gusto Review
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We use Gusto to manage payroll for all of our employees. It gives users a single place to see their paystubs, and manage documents like direct deposit authorizations, W-2, and W-4. We needed something that was easy to administer since we do not have anyone who is dedicated to HR tasks full-time. It also needed to be easy to use for the employees so that the company did not get a high number inquiries on payroll-related questions or concerns..

gusto review
Full-service Payroll

Small business entrepreneurs don’t have all day to run payroll. Gusto is designed so we can run payroll with just a few clicks — or even set payroll to run automatically each pay period.

With payroll, workers’ comp, benefits, and more integrated in one place, Gusto makes it easy to do more for your team. Plus, you save time and money and minimize the risk for mistakes.

gusto review
Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits

Providing health benefits to employees is paramount. Unfortunately, for most small businesses general plans are unaffordable. 

At Gusto, health insurance administration comes at no extra cost. Their licensed advisors will help you find the right coverage for your team and budget. You can even add FSAs and HSAs for more flexibility.

gusto review
Retirement Benefits

Just like with health benefits, small business can’t usually find a good fitting retirement benefits programs. 

Gusto partners with Guideline to bring you 401(k) savings with low fees and big value. There are no setup fees and no minimum number of participants.

Guideline syncs with payroll so employee contributions are automatically deducted every pay period, with no extra work for you.

Your employees can set up a new 401(k) in 5 minutes. They’ll receive guided portfolio recommendations from Guideline and can quickly adjust their contributions as their needs change.


The most frustrating is the feeling of not knowing whether my business is up to date on all filings and covered on all HR regulations.

Gusto takes care of all the new hire filings, all state & federal quarter and annual filings.

Additionally, Gusto HR set up will help avoid fines and lawsuits down the line. They will give you the tools to help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations that affect your business.

Most Affordable

Gusto Monthly Pricing Plans

Gusto offers 3 tiered pricing plan. Depending on your company and team size, Gusto offering shall suite you well. Whether you have a handful or 100+ of staff, you can find just a perfect plan for your needs. 


$40 base + $6 per staff

Smart, streamlined payroll and benefits built for smaller teams.


$80 base + $12 per staff

Better team tools so you can create a great place to work.


Exclusive Pricing

Certified HR pros and resources for even more peace of mind.

Why We Trusted Gusto

Why Choose Gusto

We decided to do a Gusto Review because it is absolutely great. They make the entire process simple, including getting set up and started with them. Running payroll cycles is incredibly easy and making adjustments each cycle poses no problem at all. Gusto has been fantastic. We are a small shop and we have no payroll or HR specialist on stuff. Gusto makes it so easy that we do not need to hire those specialists. If any questions or concerns arise, their support service is absolutely outstanding. They take you seriously and will resolve any issues you run into.

The 4 below mentioned functions are the key components of why Gusto is the best fit for any small business.

Payroll, Time Tracking, PTO

Unlimited payrolls and automatic tax filing, time tracking, PTO, holiday pay and more.


Integrated employee health and retirement benefits.

HR & Compliance

Direct access to certified HR experts. Reminders about tax laws and regulations. Automatic filings. 

Friendly Support

A wonderful team of people to answer your questions and walk you through resolving any payroll, benefits or HR issues.

Gusto Review
The Best Payroll & HR Solution for Small Business

Gusto is all-in-one, full service payroll, benefits and compliance provider.

From handling payroll taxes to answering any HR or benefits questions, Gusto simplifies complex business tasks so we, the small business owners, save time and feel like experts.