Trade Ideas Review

“Never, ever argue with your trading system” – Michael Covel

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas - The Most Powerful Stock Scanner for Traders

Trade Ideas is an absolutely invaluable tool for any trader. It takes scanning/screening to the next level. Out of the plethora of stocks in the market, these scanners will narrow down your plays to a handful of tickers. There is nothing else that compares. It’s a must have tool, especially if you are a day trader/scalper.

It is Incredibly Robust

Aside from its, already great built in channels and pre-defined scanners, it allows you to customize and build your own scans on parameters that fit your strategy. You can create, modify and customize each alert window to your style. You can even build your own layouts.


There are two pricing plans: standard and premium. 

  • Standard costs $118 per month and comes prepacked with most useful features: Live Trading Room, Real-time Streaming Trade Ideas, Simultaneous Charts, Chart Based Visual Trade Assistant, Up to 500 Price Alerts, Channel Bar—Curated Workspaces
  • Premium costs $228 per month and comes prepacked with all standard features plus: A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—Holly, Chart Based A.I. Trade Assistance, Entry and Exit Signals, Risk Assessment, Build and Back-test any Trade Idea, Auto-trade w/ Brokerage Plus and A.I.
If you decide on annual subscription upfornt, you can save up to $468.

Affiliate Program

Do you have associates, followers, or a community of people you’d love to tell about Trade Ideas? Great! They will pay you handsomely for spreading the word.

Commissions start at 15% on the sale of any of our tools (e.g., The OddsMaker), subscription plans, or conferences credited from your site using browser cookies.  

Check out my YouTube channel

I mostly trade low float momentum stocks and therefore my scanners are configured to capture those stocks. There are daily gappers, price and volume movers, biggest gainers and losers etc. Without these scanners, I would not be able to implement my strategies. Trade Ideas provides a superb service to any type of trader. Whether you day trade or swing trade, Trade Ideas scanners will be extremely useful for your strategy. They are highly customizable to fit a variety of alerts and filters, just to give you the stocks that fit your trading parameters live. 

Check out my YouTube channel for live streaming of my scanners. You will be viewing a slightly delayed live feed from my current Trade Ideas Scanner settings. This is for educational & demonstration purposes only. 

If you end up subscribing through my link and find my scanner setting useful, I am happy to share them with you.