Learn about TradeZero


TradeZero has been around for a while. However, until they opened the US branch, they were relatively unknown and mostly utilized by foreign traders that wanted to trade US markets. 

TradeZero provides that perfect balance between the retail brokerages such as  E*Trade or ToS and the high end, specialized for active traders, houses like CenterPoint or LightSpeed. 


Why TradeZero?

Well, does your broker provide the following?

"The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent".

John Maynard Keynes

Short Locates

When you are ready to test your short bias capabilities, big retail brokerages are not useful. Sure, you can probably short some big names like AAPL or GE etc. but we all know the best shorting action is in small caps.  TradeZero offers locates for virtually all stocks at reasonable rates. The best part is the fact that TradeZero lets you sell back the locates you no longer need. That’s a bonus.

Commission Free Trades

Most brokerages offer commission free trades so this isn’t anything special. The difference is in execution. Big retail platforms are usually free but they come with platforms that lag, especially at open and/or heavy volume. If you are a scalper like me, it doesn’t work well. TradeZero’s platform is light and execution is far better. It may not be as good as CenterPoint or LightSpeed but those two charge hefty commissions.

Best Customer Support

Literally 24×7 live customer support. Either via phone, email or chat. You will rarely need to use it but when you do, it is swift, professional and to the point. 


What Are All the Pros and Cons of TradeZero



TradeZero provides will allow you to shore any stock at competitive rates. The kicker is the ability to sell back the locates when no longer needed.

TradeZero commission free platform does not compromise trade executions speed. It beats the big retail and remains competitive with high-end shops

It’s absolutely for most traders to use Hot Keys. At TradeZero it is possible to trade without ever touching the mouse.

Trading from 4am to 8pm

24×7 live customer support

Excellent platform for any trader. Whether you scalp, day or swing trade, the platform is very robust. It allows for a variety of layouts, including  multiple monitors, charts, montages, news windows etc.

Real-time streaming web and mobile trading platforms

Access to professional grade desktop, web and mobile platforms

If you desire to trade under a business entity umbrella. TradeZero offers a painless process to do so.

This isn’t really a TradeZero specific issue but rather the laws and regulations in the US. If your account is less than $25,000, you won’t be able to execute more than 3 day trades in a week. However, if you are a citizen of another country, you can register with TradeZero International and this rule will not apply to you.

Not available at this time.

Some restrictions and commissions apply when trading stocks below $1. This is not uncommon for most most brokers.

Direct Routing: Accounts above $30,000

Locates & Platform discounts: Accounts above $50,000